Product Development

Knowledge and Development

ALL-PRO benefits from 35 years of product knowledge and development. As standards change over time, our products are continually being assessed and refined to ensure they meet the new standards.


We attend world exhibitions yearly and are constantly on the lookout for new ingredients, products and technology to ensure we are leading the way in finding new benefits and cost savings for our customers.


ALL-PRO product GREEN POWER was recognised in 2008 within BMA. The Blackwater site received an Environment Award for the introduction to site of a product developed in unison with ALL-PRO to suit the needs of the site.  The Green Power project resulted in the development of a quality and environmentally friendly product which enhanced performance and solved issues relative to environmental impacts on the Blackwater site.  The ability of ALL-PRO to develop unique products specific to site needs and to interact professionally with key personnel on site to establish goals and a measureable response was highlighted in the success of the Green Power project.